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Why must we include these 5 variables into our research design? Provide at least two sources to support your answer/variable selection.

A lack of tight security implementation makes a system vulnerable to viruses and other malware attacks. This can result in failure of the system, and also an even more widespread computer failure, as viruses are spread from user to user. Security encroachments are also serious matters when users entrust personal information to a company or the government, such as Social Security and credit card numbers and credit card data. Encryption of sensitive data; limits to entry by unauthorized users; regular maintenance (ensuring users are forced to use very secure passwords and to change them regularly); keeping track of regular patterns of use so unusual activity can be spotted by the system; and periodic test runs of attacks are all essential for a high-functioning secure system (McNamara 2011). Significant vulnerabilities may be found over time, given the speed with which new threats and penetration techniques are being created worldwide (Hoover 2010).

Q3. Create a survey of 5 questions with the following 5 level scale: Strongly Agree, Agree, Uncertain, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree.

Your questions must revolve around the topic of cybercrime. Make sure the questions are generic and not personal.

1. I feel that I am likely to be the victim of cybercrime at some point during my life.

2. Becoming a victim of cybercrime is unlikely, if I take proper precautions to protect my identity.

3. Designers of computer applications are concerned about the potential hazards of cybercrime.

4. My risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime makes me wary of shopping or banking online.

5. My risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is greater when I use mobile technology.


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