Weight Obesity Is a Deadly

This is why we feel that a workshop on this issue is critical. Obesity, unlike cancer and other deadly diseases, is preventable. To allow American children to continue to eat poorly is akin to letting them smoke cigarettes.

Teaching good nutrition and eating habits is not difficult. Many Americans do eat well, which is why we want to convince our target audience that it is possible to eat well and healthy. We also want to show that eating well feels good because when a person is healthy and exercises, they increase their overall sense of well-being. Therefore, healthy eating can be framed as a mental as well as a physical health issue. When we take into consideration the fact that obesity has an adverse impact on a childs self-esteem, it becomes imperative to teach good eating habits to young people.

Good eating is not just about avoiding fat or carbohydrates. In fact, the one central rule of healthy eating is simply to be more conscious about food choices.

The first lesson in our workshop will be about processed foods. We believe that by simply eliminating processed foods, children will develop better eating habits and lose weight. Moreover, eating fresh foods is more enjoyable. If we can show children that processed foods are made from chemicals and not real foods, then we have taken a step in the right direction to eliminate obesity in childhood. We also want to show parents, educators, and politicians that processed food are the real culprit in childhood obesity. Our informative and instructional presentation will include a handout for parents and a different one for children, as well as a brief video.

PowerPoint outline

I. Obesity is a deadly and costly problem (list statistics)

II. Reducing obesity in children begins with healthy eating.

III. Healthy eating begins with awareness.

IV. Eliminate processed foods.

V. Parents, educators,.

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