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Looking at the LA Times Value Added rating, Aldama Elementary is ranked in the lower end of the Average spectrum. This tells me that most of the teachers simply produce students who perform at the anticipated levels. Based on this report, I would select either Sehee Kang or Stephanie Vaz. Both of these teachers scored as the most effective teachers in the school, in four of the last five years. The policy implications for this kind of information means there will be a greater level of accountability for not only producing acceptable test scores, but also helping children excel beyond whats anticipated. For parents, this gives even more information they can use to select the best school for their children. For schools, this could result in a hyper-focusing on test scores, with classes taught with increased test scores as a primary goal, as opposed to simply providing a well-rounded education a student can use in their future educational, professional and personal endeavors.

Table 1: Five-Year STAR Results

2010 English

2010 Math

2010 Science

2009 English

2009 Math

2009 Science

2008 English

2008 Math

2008 Science

2007 English

2007 Math

2007 Science

2006 English

2006 Math

2006 Science

Aldama Elementary

Achieve Academy, Alameda

No data

No data

No data

No data

No data

No data

Aviara Oaks, Carlsbad Unified

Alamo, San Francisco Unified

Arboga, Marysville Joint Unified


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