Tourism Opportunities: Strategic Directions for

2.0 Nature Tourism

2.1 Capitalizing on existing infrastructure and programs

Currently, the BRTA organizes adventure tours including whitewater rafting, 4×4 off-road adventures through the hills, and also mountain bike touring. The BRTA should ensure that all equipment is up-to-date, and should solicit investment from private companies interested in increasing competition and growth in this sector.

2.2 New opportunities

While adventure tourism remains a strong point of Bilbys tourism potential, the town also needs to incorporate more relaxed and leisurely activities into its portfolio. Farm tourism is one area that Bilby can excel, becoming a regional destination for families and individuals interested in orchards and other agricultu products Bilby is famous for. The BRTA should make sure that its Web site adequately publicizes the annual events related to farm tourism as well.


With a few strategic improvements to the BRTAs approach, Bilby can become a destination for families, couples, and independent travelers.

The small size of Bilby makes the town an attractive nature-oriented getaway, offering fun activities for the young and young at heart. At the same time, those more interested in intellectual stimulation can enjoy Bilbys historical sites as well as an improved museum.


The recommendations for stimulating investment and tourism in Bilby include the following:

Expand the museum, attract internationally-renowned curators

Create a Bilby History Pass

Attract outside investors to create more competition among adventure tourism operators

Continue protecting Bilbys natural beauty via conservation efforts.

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