Time Management During the Dat

The more than 3 hours per day I spend socializing will be cut down significantly, to an ideal average of 1.5 hours per day.

Athletics are highly important to me and my overall sense of health and well-being. In fact, I believe that athletics are a key to keeping my mind sharp for school. However, I spend almost 2 hours on average per day doing athletic activities. That time can be used more wisely while still reaping the benefit of physical exertion. I will cut my sports time down to 1.25 hours on average per day. Condensing my workouts will free up more time for academics.

4. I will keep a time log until I am spending more time on studying and classes. The time log will help me monitor my progress especially as I endeavor to reduce my time spent socializing and on the Internet. The log will also help me become aware of other activities that might be consuming more time than they should, or activities I might not have thought of the first time I kept the log. If I find that I am not making more time for school after adjusting for the time consumers, I will consider cutting down on my work hours as well.

To achieve my time management goals, I will enlist the help of a friend.

This friend will be supportive of my effort and ideally will also want to work on time management. My time management buddy can point out to me areas of my daily life that appear to consume time needlessly from an objective point-of-view.

I will learn more efficient study skills. Part of time management is not the sheer amount of time spent on an activity but the quality of time spent on that task. Therefore, learning.

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