Stanley Black & Decker: Marketing

To take one example, in its sphere of industrial and automotive products, FACOM is described as thus: “In 1918, in the heart of Paris, a young engineer named Louis Moses founded a company called Franco Americaine de Construction dOutillage Mecanique, or FACOM for short. It manufactured a single product: the 101 adjustable wrench, which built the French Railways. Today, FACOM has more than 130 trucks of demonstration which visit more than 100,000 customers a year. Today, FACOM has over 7,000 industry-leading products. Today, we bring auto mechanics, industrial professionals, and utility workers the answers to their questions, and the products to solve their problems” (Industrial & Automotive, 2010, Official Website). More so than the companys current status, the past history and reputation of the company is stressed in its marketing and promotional literature, including on its website.


Stanley Black & Decker has remodeled itself and is making use of corporate synergy to save in terms of output costs. However, its marketing and actual product lines must show substantial innovation to compete in a beleaguered market; “a hammer is a blunt instrument, when you come down to it — theres always a risk that cheaper unbranded items are going to steal both retail shelf space and sales from the company.

Thats why innovation is keya lot of the success in the tool business is creating that must-have product that makes every guy say, I need one of those” (OBrien 2010).


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