Socrates Vs. Buddha Comparisons and

How the respective societies responded to the various ideas?

Socrates would have a dramatic impact upon society, as the various ideas he presented would become a part of the moral code that is often cited, as a part of basic sociology. A good example of this can be seen with social contract theory. This simply states that humans are motivated by conscious / unconscious actions and the experiences, they have from different events. The ideas of good and justice can be directly seen with how humans react to various situations they face, either consciously or unconsciously. The underlying positive or negative experiences will shape how someone views the world around them. Those who can associate goodness and justice, to their actions will have the most positive effect, on the individual and within society. Over the centuries, this sense moral goodness has become a part of the moral standards within Western society itself. As those people, who follow the most socially acceptable practices will be viewed in a favorable light.

(“Social Contract Theory”) In the case of Buddhism, the individual will experience increased self-awareness, because of religious doctrine of Karma. This would affect society, as individuals would see the life lessons that they are suppose to learn as way of gaining morality. Over the course of time, this provided a standard of acting for the benefit of the group (which is often embraced by Eastern religions and societies). However, with both theories, it is important to note, that not everyone will react the same way. Instead, each person will have different moral strengths and weakness that they will exhibit when trying to live by these philosophies. As a result, both will provide a good overview as to how someone should live their life. Yet, the way someone responds to different situations will depend upon the individual. (Brown, 34 — 36) Bibliography Buddhism. n.d. 198 — 199. Print. Buddhism. n.d.. 193 — 201.Print. “Social Contract Theory.” IEP, 2004, Web. 13 Jul. 2010 Brown, Ju. “Buddhism.” China, Korea, Japan.

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