Self Check Questions on Indexes

Source (Date, Vol., Page): McGee, L., Charlesworth, R., Cheek, M.C., & Cheek, E.H. (1982). Childhood Education, 59(2), 123-127.

Index: Educators Reference Complete

A meta-analysis of studies examining the effect of whole language instruction on the literacy of low-SES students.

Source: (Date, Vol., Page) Jeynes, W.H., & Littell, S.W. (2000). Elementary School Journal, 101(1), 21-33.

7. My debate class is arguing the pros and cons of wolf recovery in Yellowstone Park. Do you have a recent article on this subject?

Index: Infotrac newsstand

Mont. Approves 150% Hike in Fall Wolf Hunting Quota

Date: July 9, 2010

8. Is your towns newspaper indexed in Newsbank? (My hometown newspaper is the Sidney Herald, Sidney, MT) if yes, what is the name of it? No.

If no, what newspaper in which town close to the one you live in is indexed in it? (Would the Billings Gazette or Great Falls Tribune be in this?) the Billings Gazette: Yes; Great Falls Tribune: No.

For each topic in the next two questions,


Write the name of the periodical index that you think will list articles about the topic.

b. Find the topic in the index and give the subject heading used in the index to list articles about the topic.

9. Federal aid to education

a. Educators Reference Complete


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