Seating Chart (Window Door Elena

She is average in her subjects, and enjoys English and art. She is seated next to Carl because of her high level of emotional intelligence and willingness to provide assistance to him.

Student 9: Adam (Gifted/exceptional)

Flagged as gifted in kindergarten, Adam goes to an enrichment program for the specially gifted after school. Adam is seated towards the back of the room so he can leave early for his program without disrupting others.

Student 10: Marta (ESL)

Another recent immigrant, Martas father was transferred to America as part of his high-profile job working for an international corporation. Marta is seated to the front so the teacher can identify when she needs additional help in English more easily.

Student 11: Brianna (LD)

Brianna has a mild sensory processing disorder; she is seated near Jane to minimize distractions.

Student 12: Marie

Marie is a student of average academic ability who is a junior gymnast. She leaves early to go to practice and only attends school for half the day. She is seated in the back to enable her to leave quietly without disrupting others.

Student 12: George

George enjoys science and math. He only recently joined the district, and is seated in the center to make it easier for him to get to know his peers.

Student 13: Martin (LD)

Martin has been diagnosed with ADHD. He is seated to the center of the room so the teacher can keep an eye upon him and enforce discipline when necessary, as well as monitor his concentration.

Student 14: Frank

Frank is above-average in his subjects but somewhat shy and awkward: he is seated near Lila who begins conversations easily.

Student 15: Brooke

Brooke is very responsible and good at staying focused.

Student 16: Kim (LD)

Kim is autistic and has difficulty switching tasks: she is seated near Brooke, so Brooke can provide additional reinforcement when the class switches from one activity to another.

Student 17: Amy

Amy is a talented singer and actor in school plays. She is seated near Frank to help him become more open and talkative during group or paired assignments.

Students 18 & 19: Nina and Tammy

Best friends since kindergarten, seated on opposite sides of the room to minimize distractions.

Student 20: Dora

Dora is the class clown; above average in most subjects (except math), very gregarious. Dora is seated towards the back given that she.

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