Samurai: A Tale As Old

Exasperated by their inability to defend themselves and the inevitable raid on their village, the peasants decide that they must look to outside and trained men that have the capacity to protect them.

The samurai, in the film and historically, were of the upper and middle echelons of the warrior class. They were often the official military men of the nobility and were used to protect the law and order of the society. Because the peasants have no military training that they can employ to protect themselves, they look to the most experienced people they know, the samurai. The peasants need to look for “foreign” protection is similar to Americas involvement in the current Middle Eastern conflict. The Armed Forced present in places such as Afghanistan are not there to create conflict or start wars, but rather to quell uprisings in the area. The samurai in the film have a similar goal. They not only vow to protect the village, but also strategically analyze the situation at hand, eliminate weaknesses in the villages layout, and train the peasants so that they can defend their homes and livelihood.

The Armed Forces have a similar plan in the Middle East. It is not reasonable to expect them to continue to patrol this region forever, and they have been in the process of helping to reconstruct the government, as well as training a standing army and police force.

By providing the tools and knowledge, warriors in the film, and in real life, help the less fortunate take hold of the situation, arming them with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue to protect themselves and their livelihoods. Though a situation may seem to render a population helpless, strength can be achieved by acknowledging their weaknesses and the determination to better understand.

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