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In fact, 85% of all juveniles referred to and held in the custody of juvenile court system are illiterate. Moreover, the single most accurate predictor of criminal recidivism among the wider (adult) prison population who enter the system illiterate is whether or not those prisoners learned how to read and write during their incarceration. Those who do not are more than three times more likely to re-offend.

I am currently witnessing, first-hand, the deterioration of my community in Denver, Colorado in ways that improved access to age-appropriate literature for children could immediately help resolve. At Childrens Haven, a program that serves infants, toddlers, and preschool children, we have a desperate need for age appropriate books. We have always been able to maintain the minimum amount of childrens reading materials to help children in the past by relying on the charitable donation of unwanted books from community members. Because of the current state of the economy, our donations have, unfortunately, hit an all-time low, with no prospect of immediate improvement before the situation gets considerably worse.

We make every effort to preserve our valuable educational materials, but they are falling apart.

Therefore, knowing of you appreciation of the importance of supporting childhood reading and learning, I would, with your permission, humbly request that you consider the humanitarian value of a very modest donation of perhaps a few dozen childrens books to Childrens Haven. We are especially in need of preschool books, early readers, and simple board books for the infants and toddlers. Outer space, Sesame Street, Fancy Nancy, and generic animal books would be particularly appreciated.

With your generous assistance, I believe that we can continue making a difference in our community. Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience by phone at [HIDDEN] or through email to — .

Thank you so much for your time.

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