ROWE at Best Buy the

Also, a sense of teamwork encourages employees to set new benchmarks for themselves, in their desire to succeed and best the competition in the next cubicle and also in competitor organizations. ROWE creates a more atomized workforce, but the company culture was cohesive enough so that the newly flexible schedules did not damage corporate morale.

Along with its commitment to excellence, the Best Buys willingness to solicit input from employees and rather diffusive governing structure facilitated the success of ROWE. As a retail chain, Best Buy strives to remain responsive to individual headquarters needs and to serve the specific demands of the community, while still offering a high-quality experience. This means that employee input is valued and necessary. Instead of merely dictating to employees, when ROWE was quietly implemented at Best Buy at individual locations and shown to work, the program was taken seriously and not regarded as a hostile threat to productivity by the CEO. “Our whole notion of paid work was developed within an assembly line cultureShowing up was work. Best Buy is recognizing that sitting in a chair is no longer working,” said one observer (Conlin 2006).

To sell consumer products in a competitive atmosphere, a company cannot afford to sit still in a chair but must be active and innovative.

ROWE treats employees like adults. Instead of assuming employees do not want to work, the program carries the assumption that employees want to be productive and are capable of generating value for the company. Employees do not need to have their Internet use monitored, and their movements constrained. They are responsible for their own workday. ROWE is striving to create a Cube Free culture which allows employees to work in as stress-free manner as possible, working from home, working on the road — even while they are constantly thinking of ways to improve Best Buy.


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