Quiznos V. Subway Quiznos Vs.

Subway “is probably less of a sandwich than you get at Quiznos[sic], but I find their prices more reasonable and it is easy for me to satisfy my hunger at Subway while still watching my calories” wrote one poster in the 2007 Chowhound “Subway v. Quiznos” thread. But the majority of the Chowhound posters focused upon the quality of Quiznos ingredients, and said that Quiznos had better (as well as more plentiful) cheese, bread, and meat. The funny smell of Subways breads, and supermarket-quality Subway cheese were cited as other reasons they disliked the chain.

Of course, it might be deemed unfair to compare the different menus, given that personal taste might determine whether someone wanted to eat a Philly Cheesesteak sub-from Subway, versus a Prime Rib and Peppercorn sandwich from Quiznos. However, one review website subjected the tuna subs from both chains to a faceoff. At Quiznos, the taste-tester “tears opens the wrapper and eyes the enormous sandwich. There is melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, oregano, and three giant scoops of tuna salad overflowing the borders of the roll. He takes a bite and the sub-tastes just as good as it looks. It does not take John long to finish the sandwich, despite its incredible size. The Subwaydoesnt taste as good; definitely not as big!” (“Five dollar footlong,” Hub pages, 2010). The author flagged the Subway as healthier because of its small size and a brief glance at the online nutritional information reveals that a small Quiznos tuna sandwich is 400 calories while a Subway tuna sandwich is 245 calories.

Of course, it remains an open question as to what healthier means to the consumer. If Quiznos is more satisfying, a Quiznos consumer might eat less food later on. People who ate Subway justified the less tasty selection as a way of saving calories at lunchtime for later dinnertime indulgences. But assuming that the consumer does not choose one of the extreme thousand-calorie supersized subs offered at either chain, relatively healthy choices are possible at either establishment.

Overall, consumer perceptions of value may determine what chain is better. For a consumer who wants smaller portions, more veggies, and more control over menu options, Subway might be superior. For consumers preferring a larger selection of toasted sandwiches and more variety in terms of specialty subs (at a slightly higher price point), Quiznos provides more value — and perhaps more satisfaction, given its higher protein to carbohydrate ratio, even though the selections are higher in calories.

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