Program Planning Models Educational Philosophy:

I was able to find funding to send some teachers abroad for training courses and have used technology to connect with educators abroad over the Internet. I have organized workshops to clarify the aims and strategy of the program to teachers, to encourage them to get on board and believe in the curriculum changes.

A childs education must entail more than memorization or even passing standardized exams. Education must open a students mind, and the teacher is the key to unlock the mystery of a students inherent gifts. Teachers must guide a childs life and foster every childs innate passion for learning, before the child learns that school is not supposed to be cool or fun. As an instructor of science teachers, I stress that all children are innate experimenters and lovers of science, until the children learn they should be otherwise: it is the mission of every science teacher to keep the flame of the love of science alive, so that no student ever thinks that he or she is not good at science.

Understanding a students development, while fostering innate personal interests is a central factor of my program planning philosophy. A teacher must never forget that serving his or her students is the core objective, not serving pre-determined standards. A teacher must be flexible and willing to change with the needs of students, so the student always enters the classroom in a spirit of joy. Of course, we as teachers reside in a social and organizational context where standardized tests are important. Meeting standardized benchmarks is essential in securing funding. But when students are motivated to attend class and are willing to learn in an experiential fashion they are more willing to tackle the basics: students like to understand why something is true and they want to feel in control of their own learning..

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