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Because the Sephora flagship store is located in New York, customers often expect to come in and out quickly, and if the product is not there, they may not patronize the store again, because of the availability of other retailers only a few stores away. This is why keeping detailed information about its inventory is essential. Inventory strategists closely monitor the numbers flow of various products throughout the store. Sephora cultivates a relationship with its brands even before brand appears in the store, negotiating exclusivity contracts and how to position the product.

Discussion 3

One surprising, anecdotal observation is that quite often the lowest-priced milk in cities is not in low-income areas, but in more affluent places. Low-income residents often have less mobility to select where they shop, due to economic constraints (a lack of money for public transportation, for example) and retailers take full advantage of this fact, when they sell to low-income communities. However, the problem with big box low-cost retailers is that while they may provide jobs and lower-cost items to community residents, they seldom provide benefits or the ability of residents to become upwardly mobile.

Residents are often relegated to low-paying, entry level jobs. Sometimes they have to work two part time jobs (without benefits) to stay afloat. Because the retailers sell at a slightly lower cost, based upon economies of scale, their employees buy their goods there, thus creating a self-perpetuating cycle where employee dollars fuel the existence of the company, even while it oppresses them in terms of their wages and benefits. Instead, city councils should give tax breaks to community residents wishing to start their own local businesses within the area, especially if their proposed enterprises serve a community need, like providing healthy food at a reasonable cost. Councils should also aggressively monitor illegal gouging for products such as milk or gas in low-income areas..

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