Physical Fitness Recommendations

The client will work to achieve and maintain the targeted duration of aerobic work for this session by transitioning to an elliptical machine for any time remaining after the running component, if necessary.

Health and Safety Considerations and Specific and Cool-down Concerns

This client presents a challenge because the nature of her primary physical limitation and health concern conflicts directly with her primary fitness goal: she suffers from a high level of susceptibility to overtraining but hopes to maximize her performance in a sport that requires extensive running. Without accommodations to enable her to minimize the symptoms of ATCS, it is unlikely that she will be able to sustain exercise to the extent necessary to reach her highest potential aerobic capacity. This program is expressly designed to allow her to reduce the limitations posed by her physiological idiosyncrasies as much as possible so as to minimize their detrimental effects and limitations on the achievement of her ideal physical conditioning level or ability to sustain performance in her sport of choice.

The final component of this exercise session will be for the client to conduct a series of post-workout stretching, especially of the area of greatest physiological concern. After stretching, she will apply cold packs to the lateral anterior area of her shin to reduce any inflammation and any accumulation of lymphatic fluid or blood as the result of stress to the region caused by the exercise session.


Client Description and Concerns

The client is a 19-year-old female whose principal athletic interest is camogie, which requires extensive running. She has also expressed an interest in toning up, reducing her body fat percentage, and reducing.

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