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Movement: Feldenkrais Method The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education considers itself to be an educationally-based therapy, as distinct from massage.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and

The EMDR technique is used in conjunction with psychotherapy and it has proven very effective for statistically significant numbers of

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Typical examples might include decisions not to recall products because the potential financial cost to the organization of recalling millions

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The articles on the website do feature articles on classified subcategories of depression such as bipolarity, major depression, minor depression,

Therapeutic Hypothermia (Th): Literature Review

” This study found that a simple, external cooling protocol could be implemented easily “overnight in any system already treating

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The nurse must read the patients personality, and know whether acting firm or sensitive is the best way to deal

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Education is also another valuable venue to explore. Despite the cutbacks at this specific hospital, there is a shortage of

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Nursing leadership can have a significant impact upon retention, satisfaction, and even nurses perception of their exhaustion. The study “Leadership

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Figure 3. Central England Temperature Note: Blue bars indicates changes in CET annual values during the period 1877 to 2006

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Devis life is shown as sadly representative of many womens in India of lower castes. She is forced to marry