Organizational Redesign

At the intersection between the executive and upper managerial levels, effective communication is equally important to implement executive decisions, as it is at the middle management and operational levels where most executive decisions with respect to strategic visions of organizational redesign must be executed to accomplish organizational goals (Maxwell, 2007).

My Contribution to Organizational Redesign

I have worked hard to improve my knowledge base and other aspects of technical skill in my intended profession, and I also make a specific effort to manage details efficiently in every aspect of my life, both personally and professionally. However, in terms of my contribution to organizational redesign, my communications skills would be most valuable. I have been practicing my active listening skills as well as my ability to communicate in different business settings in the manner most conducive to the accurate transmission of ideas to others.

In my experience, my communications skills have also helped be succeed in a customer-relations capacity, more than my technical skills or attention to detail. Ultimately, in almost any business context, communications are among the most crucial skills (Locker, 2006), which is one of the reasons that I have made the effort to work on and continually improve in that area throughout my education and professional opportunities.


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