Organizational Redesign

Systemic Redesign

Working with chocolate likely necessitates significant expenditures for equipment because chocolate is usually transported and stored in liquid form and because it is milk-based meaning that it requires refrigeration equipment. It is also probable that specialized equipment is required for the process of injecting liquid liquor into the chocolate candies. In both respects, workers will have to be retrained to accomplish the tasks involved in those processes.

Preparing for Redesign and Maximizing Market Share

My first suggestion might be to initiate an intensive advertising campaign to introduce chocolate lollipops. The inventory probably already features chocolate flavored lollipops; I would introduce a chocolate lollipop and shift advertising and marketing efforts to correspond to that new product rollout for obvious strategic reasons. Similarly, I might also introduce a liquor-filled chocolate lollipop.

Operationally, I would assign the staff scheduled for retention after the full implementation of the eventual change because that would enable those employees to be educated and trained to work with chocolate and with the liquor injection processes without requiring any premature announcement of the organizational change and the transition from lollipop manufacturing to liquor-filled chocolate manufacturing. In principle, this would take shape as a two-pronged strategic plan consisting of a marketing and advertising component to increase market share and minimize any loss of lollipop customers and an operational training component to achieve the smoothest possible transition to chocolate manufacturing beginning even before the first announcement of the organizational strategy in relation to the discontinuation of lollipop manufacturing..

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