Nicole Williams, Author of Girl

Instead of trying to change the position, we need to either change our attitudes or perhaps think about leaving the relationship.

Suggestions like “If youve got it, flaunt it” and “put on some gloss” are also important to know. We should be aware of our talents and confident enough to express them. We should also be aware of our weaknesses and do our best to cover them up or make ourselves at least appear better than we are. However, we are not supposed to “waste the pretty,” which would be to throw away our gifts. Williams also stressed the importance of “not giving away the milk for free.” Spending a considerable amount of time on this issue, Williams claims that many young people make the mistake of over-extending themselves when they need to validate their worth instead.

All of Williams suggestions are meaningful. I learned a lot from the lecture, about how to be an effective professional. Williams mentioned issues I did not know, such as it is important not to appear too eager.

The speaker called this, “not saying you want a kid on the first date.” We also need to “watch our weight,” which means keeping in mind that if we slack off at work that we will probably risk being passed up by a new job candidate. There are many other elements of Williams speech that were inspirational. For example, being willing to walk away from a bad situation was one of her most important points. In the same way that we should not stay in a romantic relationship that is not healthy for us, we should never stay in a job that does not make us happy. Williams stated that her mother was unhappy in her job. She also knew many friends whose jobs did not make them happy. Her lecture, and her book, show how people can develop the relationship skills to make job hunting and careers a success..

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