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In the meantime, a number of interim technologies are widely available that are paving the way towards ubiquitous computing, including Wi-Fi technologies that provide wireless communications services to large numbers of users within a metropolitan area.


In sum, the research showed that the city leaders in New Orleans struck while the legal iron was hot by formulating plans to deploy a citywide Wi-Fi network that exceeded the limits allowed by state law for municipalities providing wireless services. The research also showed that this wireless communications initiative stands to assist New Orleans in a number of ways, including improving the ability of emergency first responders such as police, fire and medical personnel to react to disaster events, as well as providing city authorities with secured communications for ongoing citywide administrative functions. The Wi-Fi network being deployed by New Orleans is also expected to increase the citys overall attractiveness to conventions and other event sponsors, as well as a tourist destination in general. In the final analysis, it would appear that the city leaders in New Orleans took a bold step with this Wi-Fi initiative that was justified by the numerous benefits that are expected to be realized.

Therefore, it is not so much as question of whether New Orleans should deploy this network — because it is already underway, but whether it will achieve the goals articulated by city leaders.


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