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The second means is that Geneva could pursue other tasks within the organization. If she does other jobs as well, or changes the nature of her job, then her role in the company should be subject to reclassification.

In addition, Geneva can also obtain an increase through the use of bonuses. These bonuses may allow her to earn more than her maximum salary should she achieve the needed performance measures. That there are at least three different means by which Geneva can obtain a higher salary indicates that there remains some flexibility within the companys human resources policies to allow for excellent employees to be compensated for their superior performance.

4. Geneva can be rewarded in many ways for her outstanding performance. The salary is the most basic extrinsic rewards that can be bestowed upon an employee. There are a number of other rewards both extrinsic and intrinsic that can be utilized to reward Geneva for her performance. Among the extrinsic rewards are performance bonuses, reclassification of her role, prizes and gifts. Anything of value that the company gives to Geneva as a reward for her performance can enhance the value that she gets from the company.

In addition, intrinsic rewards also can serve to reward Geneva for her excellent performance. There are four different types of intrinsic rewards to help reward and motivate employee behavior.

They are fostering a sense of choice, fostering a sense of meaningfulness, fostering a sense of competence and fostering a sense of progress (Thomas, 2009). Of these the most relevant for Geneva are likely the first two. For choice, Geneva could be offered more freedom in structuring her role in the company. This may mean the continuation of her current duties, but it may also allow her to fulfill some objectives that she may have but has not pressed with management. Giving her more control over her job helps to encourage future high performance as well because she will be more engaged.

Meaningfulness can be as little as a compliment on a job well done to a celebration, a token of appreciation (wherein the gesture is more important than the actual gift) to full-blown recognition of excellence such as an Employee of the Year award or other high-level recognition. Intrinsic rewards do not need to be complicated, but the employee would benefit from knowing that their hard work is appreciated by all within the company.

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