Kudler Fine Foods California Has

Even if not organic, they have the sustainability marketing advantage of being positioned as more local


Internationally, there is a great deal of competition in the international organic wine market. Germany has made a substantial investment in growing its product, and the German government was one of the first to invest in organic wine production, followed by France, Spain, and the United Kingdom (Worldwide organic wine consumption on increase, 2010, Wines from Spain).

Product offering

Kudlers wines are known for their accessibility, as are most California wines, in general. A New World wine source that is now in competition with many European wines for quality and diversity, “international demand for California wines continues to grow rapidly. In almost 20 years, exports have increased from $35 million in 1985 to a record $808 million in 2004. This is an average increase of almost 20% per year (Welcome to the Golden State, 2010, California Wines). Currently, 18% of ?total production is exported to over 125 countries” and California winegrowers have taken a voluntary vow to uphold “Code of Sustainable Winegrowing,” which governs sustainability practices as well as organic farming in California (Eco-friendly, 2005, California Wines).

Product identification

Publicizing this vow of sustainability in addition to its organic status seems like the ideal way to market Kudlers wines as a distinct, yet uniquely California brand that will not seem to openly challenge Canadian ice wines on their own terms and flavor profile.


Canada “with a growth rate in wine consumption of 20% per annum” has been identified as “the country with the greatest potential for organic wine sales, representing a turnover of around $2 billion per year,” given its simultaneously expanding and evolving interest in both organics and wine (Worldwide organic wine consumption on increase, 2010, Wines from Spain). Although during the financial crisis, demand dropped 5%, consumption is once again on the upswing.


As Canadians begin to embrace wines — and organic products — more and more, it would seem as if the time is ripe to capitalize upon this new opportunity, and take advantage of Kudlers ability to gain a strong foothold in an expanding export organic market


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