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Although they might have been considered perverts by some, they learned a lot about what consumers want. Kibbey claimed that issues like fit and quality were important to consumers, but the people they interviewed also mentioned the need for both good design and also sustainability.

Another reason the lecture was inspiring is that Kibbey pointed out that we do not need to be an expert to be good at something and succeed. Ives Behar is the design director for PACT. At the time of starting the company, though, Kibbey and his partners knew very little about design. It did not matter, for now Behar is internationally renowned. Success takes persistence, passion, and commitment. The development of expertise comes later.

A commitment to the environment is what sets apart Kibbey and PACT from other CEOs and underwear companies. Consumers know that when they purchase a PACT underwear, they are receiving a quality design, quality materials, but also an underwear that leaves a small footprint.

Kibbey has been interviewed by the Sierra Club and is well-known for his commitment to environmental ethics. For example, Kibbey recently went to Patagonia to develop the Freedom to Roam initiative. This ethical commitment is an important part of the PACT company. Whatever the focus of a company, it is important to pursue that goal even outside of the business itself.

Kibbey has worked with several startup companies, because he has a unique vision and way of helping young businesses set and achieve goals. By being involved not just in his own company but with others, Kibbey showed the importance of collaboration. Viewing other companies as potential partners is one way to achieve business — and environmental — goals..

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