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The most disturbing part of the website is its explanation of the process by which the human colon supposedly “retains” fecal matter and other “coatings” on the walls of the colon. According to the site:

“The colon is the waste pipe of the body. Once the nutrients are taken out and processed, the waste from your food intake is passed through the colon and expelled from your body. What many people dont realize is that this fecal matter can get backed up and solidified in your colon, and without a regular cleansing program can get trapped there for years or decades, slowly releasing toxins into your system. The waste matter hardens, fixing itself to the wall of the colon. Sometimes an unhealthy colon will have attached to it up to 20 pounds of this matter that just wont go away! Ever wondered why you sometimes feel heavy and bloated?”

According to my doctor, an Internal Medicine specialist, this information is incredibly inaccurate and completely ridiculous. It is physically impossible for the human colon to “retain” any type of “coating” on its walls.

In fact, the entire epithelium (the semi-permeable membrane through which nutrients and liquids are absorbed by the body) sloughs of completely every 72 hours. Furthermore, any colonoscopy clearly shows that the walls of the entire intestine are actually so thin that they are transparent with blood vessels clearly visible underneath the surface.

Finally, according to the Internal Medicine specialist, there are no such things as “toxin” or “poisons” that are absorbed by the body over the long-term that can be flushed out, whether through “nutritional cleansing or colonic irrigation. Generally, any foreign or synthetic substances that are absorbed by the body are stored in various tissues, such as in the bones, and much more commonly, within fat cells. Losing body fat can eliminate any trace substances stored in that way, but that occurs regardless of how one reduces body fat; it does not require fasting and it simply cannot be accomplished by flushing out the colon like a clogged.

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