John Came to My Office

In the brainstorming, I might guide him in the direction of temporary services and employment agencies so he can network more effectively. After all, most jobs are filled by way of informal networking and not in classified ads and job boards. Much of it is word of mouth and counselors are frequently privy to this information due to their professional contacts. However, in networking, will need to show him how to build a network by contacting all of his friends, family and acquaintances in order to find work. Many times, word of mouth is the best way to find work and jobs are directly filled because someone knows someone else in a critical position of management who is looking for a good talented person to fill a particular person urgently.

More than anything else, I will need to assist him on his journey towards emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being. A counselor who is well trained in the art and skill of counseling becomes a tool in the hands of God to aid his children on the path of life. Such a counselor appreciates the mystery of the human experience and must express to the individual that life has its ups and downs.

However, such experiences are necessary for us to grow as human beings and to interact with each other and to become better people. Without such character building experiences, we do not become fully dimensional people who can handle life with all of its tribulations and still retain a good attitude.

By staying positive and seeing the glass as half full rather than as half empty all of the time, we can enjoy life better and deal with its curve balls more proactively and effectively. One need to stay ahead to keep up and Johns life is no different from anyone else. In fact, in many years, John will look back on this matter as a learning experience and then do better next.

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