Information Technology


Vandalism is a major concern because of the nature of the products manufactured by the organization and the high rate of theft generally associated with motor vehicles and motorcycles. It is recommended that the organization conduct a thorough perimeter and site security audit for the purposes of ensuring the maximum mitigation of any risks of vandalism and theft. To the extent that internal vandalism is a concern, it is recommended that the organization invest in security cameras to monitor critical areas. Additionally, employee physical access to specific areas on the grounds of the company should be restricted appropriately based on responsibilities. Likewise, it is recommended that different degrees of it system access be assigned to employees on the basis of need instead of allowing universal system access to all authorized it system users.

Computer Viruses

Modern it systems are inherently vulnerable to many types of malicious attempts at unauthorized infiltration and theft of data. To mitigate the risks associated with malicious intrusions carried out through computer viruses, it is recommended that the organization conduct a thorough it security audit. Based on the results of that audit, the organization should establish it security policies and protocols for the immediate upgrading of equipment and software applications to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized access. Ideally, that audit should include establishing regular procedures for testing and upgrading it systems as well as for requiring all employees with authorized access to it systems to participate in it system security training and mandatory completion of tests to ensure their understanding of it security concerns and issues..

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