Individuals Interviewed for This Study

F.A: Yes, if you work with any software especially developing websites you will face many problems, but you should be patient to solve them (1).

I.A: Definitely, my career has always centered on developing various applications and programs to our clients. As a Project Team Leader, I am always involved from start to finish with the software projects I am assigned to lead (3).

H.A: Yes I have, I worked with drilling operational risk assignment, and it was generic software program (1).

H.Z: Yes, I have from beginning to the end (2).

K.A: Majority of my work involves ensuring that designs and plans are properly executed during all phases of software projects; thus, I am always involved in all stages of the SDLC (3).

M.A: I have always been involved with software projects from beginning all the way to the end-of-life of the applications my company developed. However, my part in all aspects of software projects is concentrated on the risk side (3).

N.A: Being involved in software projects is my “bread and butter,” and I always am at the forefront throughout all stages of the project since I have to always ensure that documented business process are properly developed into the correct applications (3).

S.H: Yes, I have worked with various software projects for over a decade now. I have worked on all stages of software projects as a developer, analyst and now I mostly handle the management side thereof (3).

Coding of responses:

1 = Yes, basic experience: 3.

2 = Yes, moderate experience: 2.

3 = Yes, advanced/extensive experience: 5

Recurrent key words, themes and metaphors:

1. Problems with software projects are inevitable.

2. Software projects are worked on start to finish by many engineers.

3. Risk assessment is required at every step of the process.

4. Problems can be expected during every phase of the software development process.

Q2: Have you faced any problems or risks during this project? And if so, which kinds of those risks and how could you solve them?

A.A: Yes, we faced some problems in that project which was the previous system for the company manual system, and that had a huge number of data to transfer them into the new system, we solved this problem by hiring new staff to help us for transferring the old data into the new system (1).

A.J: Well, the main problem was faced me regarding or about the time, when I had a task to achieve it within two weeks for example, sometimes we can do it at specific time, so we have to make a shift whether before or after two weeks to make extension to solve this kind of problem (2).

F.A: Yes, if you work with any software especially developing websites you will face many problems, but you should be patient to solve them (2).

I.A: Human resources especially project team members have always been both a challenge and a risk for me. They either go absent during critical stages of the project or simply quit because they got better offers from other software development companies (2).

H.A: Some of them and it had been resolved by scarifying some targets, and the risk assessment was for justifying the extra cost and involving the high management with the decisions prior starting the work (1)

H.Z: Yes, a lot of problems, such as changing mind of the customers, another problem was end-user, so.

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