Human Activity Cause Global Warming?

There are also influential political interests in various industries who are lobbying Congress to promote data that indicates climate change is not related to human activity.

The lab experiments support the human origins of global warming through comparing average temperatures and fuel emissions over the course of the industrial era and beforehand.

Materials and Methods:

The methodology of the study was to examine the standard deviation of temperatures spanning from 1860 (the beginnings of the industrial revolution) to 2000. Negative values represent a cooler deviation from the norm, and positive values represent a warmer deviation from the norm. Until the turn of the century, deviations were trending lower, when suddenly they began to increase around 1980 (Step 2, p.1).

Of course, the problem with such data is that climactic averages have only been tracked relatively recently. However, projected past data suggests the previous 1,000 years were characterized by a general cooling trend, making the current trend in the wake of industrialization anomalous (Step 2, p.4). Carbon dioxide emissions have also been increasing stratospherically rising since 1960, and the most notable rise in temperature occurred around 1980, along with a sharp spike in the earths temperatures.


The correlation between rising carbon dioxide emissions and the overall increase of the earths temperature in the past fifty years indicates that human-generated activities are at the root of global warming.


Objective data supports the global warming hypothesis that correlates human-generated industrial production with a rise in standard temperatures. Data from the pre-industrial era suggests a general cooling trend. This changed strikingly as carbon dioxide emissions related to human activity increased.

The data supports the initial hypothesis. Carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel consumption experienced a notable spike fifty years ago, which was also correlated with a spike in global warming. This suggests in a morally neutral fashion the politically charged conclusion that for the warming trend to be reversed, lifestyle changes are demanded of the worlds population, as the modern lifestyle has caused global warming.


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August 19, 2010

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