Gym Survey

By far, the most trafficked area of the gym were the personal training areas, which were always quite busy. Generally, gym members who use trainers make appointments with them and spend approximately an hour or an hour and a half working with their trainers on a one-on-one basis. In many cases, they do the same types of workouts as members who workout independently, but they do so under the guidance and instruction of trainers. In my opinion, the floor layout did seem designed for the benefit of the trainers, including the fact that the front entrance provides a direct-observation vantage point of the main personal training area. That makes sense, since the gym does make money from booking personal training sessions and the front desk area all but requires prospective members to watch the personal trainers in action.

Generally, the majority of members I observed work out by themselves and many of them have headphones of some sort on, allowing them to increase their private environment while they go about their business.

The people in the weight room are somewhat more interactive and approximately half of them worked out with a partner or in groups of three individuals. Generally, they take turns performing the same exercise and then move on to another exercise together. Some people take advantage of the numbered sequence on the various resistance machines, proceeding from one to the next in the ordered sequence to complete a full-body workout in a relatively short amount of time. Conversely, individuals in the free weight area tend to concentrate for longer periods of time on a single body part and typically only workout several muscle groups in each workout, requiring multiple days to.

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