Foster Learning Performance Improvement Effective

The author did not limit his study to researchers who supported one side of an argument but included both, those for and against any idea, bringing more understanding to the reader.

The article is further strengthened by the fact that the author identifies the side where she belongs in an argument that had contradictory statements from other authors. For instance, when she discusses objectivism and constructivism she presents both ideas but states that she is for constructivism. She also brings more understanding of the methods of learning by stating how helpful they are and the limitations associated with them and how to make the methods more effectively including practical examples in every case. In fact, she concludes by suggesting that the integration of two or all of the methods is the best practice.

Discussion of the strengths

Inclusion and proper utilization of different resources was a very positive step the author took in writing this article. The fact that the author even gave practical examples using the different arguments from the different researchers and authors meant that he did not just rely on her own side of the argument but considered what other scholars thought.

By identifying with a particular side of an argument also meant that she understood the arguments and could tell the reader what she thinks is right.

Special aspects of the strengths

The fact that many resources were used in writing the article means a lot to the reader since the reader gets convinced that the article presents a wider view of many scholars and most probably presents the right arguments. This creates a deeper understanding of the topic in question. The fact that the author stated her side of the argument eliminates confusion among the readers since they get to understand exactly what the author is presenting to them.

Article publication

Readers, instructors, and learners can derive more if the article could be revised and rewritten to include case studies and results. From such case studies the readers would be more convinced about every learning method and thus choose on which is appropriate for them.


Yi, J. (2005). Effective ways to foster learning,.

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