Floods in Victoria the State

In addition, the surge of rainwater will “slake Victorias Red Gum forests, spark native fish breeding, fill the Threatened Lower Lakes and cause a rare natural flowinto the sea near Adelaide” (Ker, p. 1). Those lakes have not been full for five years; workers have been dredging the mouth of the Murray River (for important environmental health reasons) and the hope is that the surge of water arriving at the mouth of the Murray River will be strong enough to “flush accumulated sands out of the Murray” and back into the sea.

There were many emergency actions that were taken, and emergency service assets were used in the area in response to the floods. The Australian Defence Force helped residents evacuate their homes in some communities (Gippsland, Benalla and Wagaratta) and six relief centers were set up to provide food and shelter for those that were evacuated ( Many people were issue emergency grants of about $1,000, to lessen the impact of having ones home flooded. The grants actually run up to $26,000, according to Bloom Businessweek (Scott, 2010), for those whose homes are severely damaged.

These floods were the worst in 15 years, according to State Emergency Services commander John Parker.

And this is on top of the fact that Victoria is still recovering from “Black Saturday” — the terrible brushfires that left 173 people in February 2009, John Parker said. Meanwhile the flooding continues in Australia; on Dec. 3 it was announced that $500 million worth of crops has been lost in the latest flooding ( After 14 years of drought, the skies finally let loosed with torrents of rain, and a lot of people were negatively affected even though the rains meant an end to the cruel drought.

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