Fire Department and Local Government

The Department strives to keep abreast of recent developments in fire safety to ensure that all existing laws support the most fuel-efficient home and yard construction possible. The Fire Department also strives to meet the new social challenges presented by the current economic environment. According to the June 15, 2010 minutes of the Board of Directors meeting, the Department decided to engage in a “weed abatement” campaign to weed and reduce fire hazards on abandoned properties facing foreclosure.

The El Dorado Hills Fire Department continually reaches out to the community and works with local agencies and residents to reduce fires through awareness-raising endeavors. Fire Safety week seeks to educate the community about proper use and testing of smoke alarms. Fuel treatment and tree planting guidelines are widely publicized. The Department also hosts events such as an annual “Wine, Cheese, and Brew Festival” to raise money, offers CPR classes, free car seat checks, and even blood pressure screening. These provide useful services, but also encourage people to volunteer for and donate to the Fire Department.

People also feel more motivated to engage in proper fire safety techniques when they know the members of the Department personally.

The Department deserves a strong grade for its community outreach and the diversity of services it provides to the community, in conjunction with local and regional health and educational organizations. Greater outreach efforts with environmental organizations might be one possibility to explore in the future, given that showing greater concern for the environment and fire safety are so critically linked for residents of the El Dorado area.


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