Exegesis of Ezekiel, Chapter Ezekiel,

Judgment oracle

Usually introduced by formula, “I am against you”


Aftermath or restoration oracle

Reversing judgment formula, “I am for you”


Command formula

Especially “Son of man, set your face …

6:2-3; 20:46-47

“Woe” oracle of indictment

13:3-7; 34:2-6

Demonstration oracle

Usually containing “because … therefore” clauses

13:8-9; 16:36-42

Disputation oracle

IN which popular proverb is recited and then refuted by prophetic discourse (e.g., “sour grapes” proverb)

18:1-20; cf. 12:22-25


Over Tyre

Over Pharaoh



Wailing lament

Introduced by “wail”



Riddles, parables, allegories E.g., parable of the vine Allegories of the eagle and cedars, lion, boiling pot etc.

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