Ethical Dilemmas As the Newly

As the other team members have asked me to address this topic with Jane, Wallaces morality on habit to prefer public to private motivations comes into play, and not only directs what I should do but also what I would do in this situation.

Wallace surmises that a responsible public communicator reveals the source of opinion and information. In this way, the public (or in this case, Jane) can weigh any bias, prejudice or self-centered motivations the other team members may have in airing these complaints. According to Wallace, concealing the identity of the source material would be unethical (Enos, 1997; Johannesen, 2001). For this reason, when I spoke to Jane I would involve the specific team members who have come to me with concerns. Although I wouldnt involve the entire team, to avoid Jane from feeling like she was being ganged up on, including the team members who have come to me with complaints that Jane hasnt been as helpful as she should be when others are overloaded, will help ensure she can address these people and make certain that the complaints arent based on bias. Given Janes skill at doing her job, as demonstrated by upper managements positive opinion of her and her customer service award, perhaps some of the concerns are exaggerated.

Although the team has accomplished significant improvements in processing travel requests, the strife brought on by some team members feeling like Jane isnt helping others as much as she should could make the team less effective. Wallaces morality directs me to share the source of the information regarding the complaints, with Jane. For this reason, I would include the team members who have complaints in the conversation when I speak with Jane. In this way, I can ensure that not only does Jane have all of the information regarding the concerns, but also that she is being treated fairly. Obviously, Jane is skilled at her job and there may be bias in these complaints.


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