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The plan serves as evidence that the teacher implemented instruction. As we clearly saw in this study, systematic instructional planning was not the format used the teachers in the sample. As a matter a fact most of the teachers surveyed used alternative method of instruction planning. The results of this study makes light of two important factors based on the sample, some teachers are not documenting their learning plan which could present a problem later on if a parent was to challenge. If a student moves to the next level and performs poorly and if the conclusion is that the student was not prepared. The instructional plan serve as proof that instruction did occur because the instructional plan documents teaching. The results also denotes that although pre-service teacher training emphasize importance, provides prophyte teachers with adequate training and the necessity to use this format in knowledge delivery their no guarantee that systematic instructional planning will be used one their leave the training class room to the classroom environment.

This study also gives new insight and further research as to teachers who did excel in using the guidelines of systematic instructional planning to create lesson plans. Although contributing student success to instructional planning. Systemic instructional planning may not be used by most teachers in the selected sample. It is still imperative that newly inducted teachers not only learn this tool but be exhorted to make good use of it even if it does not determine the quality of the instruction delivered.


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