Educational Goals Statement

Past experience suggests that if well trained business leaders are important during times of economic opportunity, they are only that much more important in times of recent economic crisis.

Because my most natural interests and talents seem to be in business-related concepts, the most useful contribution that I can make as a professional might be playing a small role in helping improve the economic circumstances that account for perpetual poverty and deprivation in my country and other countries. I am confident that with enough dedication, man can solve the major social, economic, and political challenges to peace and prosperity for all instead of for only a relatively small few. Once poverty can be reduced and education improved, economic prosperity often takes on a momentum of its own and allows many to achieve success by developing and dedicating their talents and abilities to something productive.

I understand that it will also be a tremendous challenge to understand big business on a regional, hemispheric, and global scale. On the other hand, it already seems that it will be a necessity very soon for any large scale successes over the long-term. I anticipate that business will eventually link the entire world. I expect that trend to begin in earnest during my lifetime. Therefore, I am eagerly anticipating my first internship this winter at a bank. I realize it is just an internship but I hope it will allow me to learn as much as possible about business. I am hopeful that my internship experience will help me connect my practical familiarity with business practices into my comprehension of business principles in the business program at your institution..

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