Economy of California: Discussion the

Given the influence of California upon setting national environmental policy because of the dominance of car travel and its sheer size and population density, if Proposition 23 passes, the effect could be seismic. “Opponents say that [Proposition 23] could hurt the creation of jobs in San Diego and throughout the state, but the Yes on 23 campaign says the measure would save existing jobs” (Joyce 2010).

The war over Proposition 23 has been waged by two of Californias major industries. Technology companies promoting environmentally-friendly technology echo the sentiment of the chairman of CleanTECH San Diego. “I was talking to someone from Massachusetts last week and thats probably our biggest U.S.he tongue-in-cheek laughed and said Well, if Proposition 23 passes let everyone know well take the jobs in the clean and green technology that California will lose” (Joyce 2010). Two large Texas oil companies, Valero and Tesoro have funded the public relations media initiative encouraging Californias citizens to pass Proposition 23, stating that it will save jobs in their industry and limit the rising price of fuel and thus the input costs of many products.

While some California-based companies continue to flourish in the technology and film industries, overall this has not been enough to extract the massive states recovery from the effects of the Great Recession. As the job rate continues to climb past 12%, one of the highest rates in the nation, Californians are uncertain about their future. Anger about illegal immigration, resentment between competing industries such as the green and oil and gas interests, and the states financial state all conspire paint a picture of a precarious, even perilous economic future for California.


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