Economically, This Government Initiative Will

Education is also another valuable venue to explore. Despite the cutbacks at this specific hospital, there is a shortage of nursing educators in many sections of the country, and teaching at a college level is possible for nurses with masters degrees, depending upon the requirements of the school. Some states allow individuals without educational degrees to teach in the public school system, if they pass required exams and go through a mentorship program. Some nurses might want to explore the possibility of teaching science or math. Nurses desiring to explore this path should be put in contact with the states department of education.

Nurses themselves might also wish to go back to school, to add to their credentials and qualifications to improve their job prospects. Nurses who wish to enter fields such as gerontology or nutrition often seek additional education (ANCC Certifications available to nurses, 2011, Go Nursing Schools). These nurses should be put in contact with colleges offering such programs, and directed to the appropriate government websites that provide information about scholarships, grants, and other ways of affording continuing education programs.

Change, on a personal level is always difficult, although in the case of layoffs, the unfreezing and forcing of change is inevitable — the employee cannot engage in change resistance because he or she must find a new job. The immediacy of the need for change often prompts action, and makes the employee a willing partner in exploring new options. But resistance might come from individuals who refuse to explore new career paths or education who are still in denial about the fact that they have been rejected by their former employer. These individuals might be overly fixated upon finding the same type of job, and flexibility is demanded in every job search.


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