Dennis & Goldsmith Text Takes

While this is therefore far less focused than the text by Dennis & Goldsmith, the fact is also that it provides a somewhat more balanced and more realistic view of the phenomenon.

The author for example begins by considering the various views and definitions of leadership, emphasizing that these views often emphasize a certain aspect of leadership to the exclusion of others. Some definitions of leadership for example focus on the functional aspect, while others place emphasis on the behavioral aspect. Of course the matter is furthermore not simplified by the fact that various leadership styles have developed over the years. Each of these are also discussed later on in the reading.

Many authors make suggestions on what good leadership means. Sandra Larson (2007) for example emphasizes “passion” as the primary characteristic of a good leader. Passion for the company, the work, and working with followers should be at the bottom of all leadership efforts. Such passion will be obvious to followers, and inspire them as well. The question of what makes an effective leader is answered in part by this paradigm.

I believe that it is a vitally important aspect, without which all other leadership skills will simply mean nothing.

Another interesting aspect of this reading, which contrasts with Dennis & Goldsmith, is its attention to the differences between management and leadership. While the author recognizes that there is wide consensus that they are not the same thing, the point of divergence is a matter of great disagreement among authors and leaders alike. One might derive that, while leadership requires management skills, managers do not necessarily have leadership skills. In general, Yukis text is thought-provoking in terms of the providing many different viewpoints and paradigms regarding leadership.


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