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For example, a straightforward database of customer names for a company is searched with relative simplicity. The names may be retrieved according to beginning letters or other important data (such as item purchased). But for a database of full-text magazine articles, the user will need to search according to name, title, publication, and keywords, among other features. The database will not be able to perform adequately without such usability factors. Even if a database is fast in terms of how it returns queries, the queries must be of use to the searcher.

When developing the infrastructure, a data management system is required to operate the databases, store the information, back up the data, and enforce security. If users are entering sensitive information, password protection and encryption is also essential. The hardware and software used must be adequate to support the needs of the system. And the ease of data entry is also vital if data is constantly being entered and edited. The costs of faulty data entry computer protocols can be currently seen in California, where the statewide system for tracking student data known as CalPADS “has been fraught with problems. District staffers complained they often couldnt get online to enter required data” (Lambert 2010).

“Some school districts student information systems are more compatible with the state system than others. Other districts have no data system at all and must enter information into CalPADS one entry at a timeIts so labor intensive that its ridiculous” said one teacher, complaining the added time it required of teachers already-pressed schedules (Lambert 2010). This example, drawn from real life, shows the very serious consequences poor data entry method design can have upon a system, when online forms are time consuming and not designed in an intuitive fashion to suit the knowledge base and the existing records of the likely user.


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