Cruise Ship Dear Mayor of

Our motto is to leave things as they are, without trying to substantially change the local economy and cultural structure of the land. Of course, Sustainable Cruisers are interested in learning about local handicrafts and practices, but they come as observers, and do not demand any additional accommodations are made for their presence. Staff members are all oriented in the culture of the region, and many have family members who are local to the area.

Depending on the nature of the your islands infrastructure and the comfort of residents and leaders, cruisers can go free cruising and wander on their own throughout the island, or they can be required to follow a guided tour. Local members of the population can act as ancillary guides to the on-board cruise leaders. Sustainable Cruises always seeks to incorporate local members of the island when presenting the region to tourists.

Additionally, locals are often the best-versed people in the regions most attractive places to sightsee, shop, and eat. This creates a mutual sense of friendship, trust, and obligation between tourists and members of the native population. Tour guides from the area share their expertise, knowledge, and passion for their homeland, while tourists are able to bring awareness about the region to their friends at home upon the ships return.

We have heard much about your leadership efforts to improve the economy, reputation, and political structure of Island X, and would love to arrange a meeting with your office and our representatives. If you are interested in making Island X part of a Sustainable Cruising list of destinations, please contact me so we can negotiate the specific details of the.

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