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The two should know better but their emotions got the best of them. In this case I would myself (or ask another person who knows the two) pull one of the two aside gently but firmly and ask that he take a deep breath and not cause commotion to the point where we all suffer. I would say, “Take a break guy, please cool your jets for a few moments because you are causing all of us to be distracted from what we are supposed to be doing here. Youre forcing us to be involved and we arent part of your problem, so please, quiet down”

If that wouldnt work, the next step of course is to notify the supervisor or foreman that we need help — or to follow company policy in whatever form is required in that situation.

Who are my heroes?

I dont have any “heroes” in the “heroic” sense of the word. But I have people I greatly admire, and my brother is one of those that I admire.

He was encouraged while growing up to believe he could make it through school if he put his mind to it. He graduated from Northeastern University and has a good job with Cisco. And my father who only had a high school diploma managed to put three of his children through college at the same time. Again, thats not heroic in the classic sense of the word, but it is a huge accomplishment and I respect and admire my father for his hard work. I should mention that during the time he was putting his kids through college he was unemployed for more than six months. He never gave up, and his kids thank him for that. He was “always faithful” (Semper Fi) to his familys future..

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