Computer Hardware

Comparison of Product Suitability

The Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) Netbook ( meets all of my needs for a portable computer as described. However, for full computer functions that include a 40 GB hard-drive, 1.86 Gigahertz microprocessor speed, 512 MB RAM, with Windows XP Pro Business Suite, CDRW and DVD burner, I use an IBM Thinkpad Model-Year 2005 T-43


The full-feature capabilities of this IBM Thinkpad are equivalent to a basic desktop computer for most home computing and student needs. It lacks the dual core processor that has become standard for many new laptops and it is very heavy, at more than 8 pounds, and it has a limited battery life of only slightly more than two hours. However, it has proven a tremendous value because I purchased it for less than $200 from a bulk used computer dealer who refurbishes and restores good-condition laptops that were used previously under corporate leases.

While the 2005 IBM might not have provided sufficient processing speed, RAM, and other capabilities to run the latest advanced graphics and specialized software used by web designers, graphic artists, and by gamers, it has been a perfect complement to my much more portable Netbook. By making do at home with a 2005 IBM Thinkpad, I was able to purchase the latest model Netbook with the most advanced capabilities available and also having access to a full-feature laptop at home that is less portable but more powerful..

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