Communications Case Study Communications Initiative

Assistant will receive copy via email one week prior.


— in touch with Lamar and expecting schedule update by March 25th as per Lamar

— Maintaining weekly email contact with assistants for Mr. Fife and Mr. Rogers

— Maintaining weekly email contact with tentative Opening Ceremony locations

Correspondence for Mr. Rogers

Written Format

Bullet Points for Oral Presentation

Mention having spoken to assistant already first

Use Buzzwords: CFI Internship Program – honored and tremendously appreciative – deliver our keynote address — interns attend his alma matter — mine too — Luckily his busy schedule is open

Lamar loved his book [insert title] — Hoping he might address topics from it

Preparation for Oral Presentation

To prepare for delivering this message orally, I might consider rehearsing it as though it were a speaking role. I might recruit a friend to listen to me or use a tape recorder.

Either way, I would hope to work in all the buzzwords and phrases and try to make my end of the conversation sound as spontaneously articulate as possible even though its gong.

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