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Pop Culture Every Day I

American popular culture is about numbing the mind and senses, and deferring responsibility for problems like depression, anxiety, and ill

United States Border Patrol Border

He didnt have to say it but political posturing and the power of special interest lobbying will not stop anytime

Conflict Between Human and Non

“The monkeys larynx, while quite distinct from that of the human being, is not as much so as that of

Consumer Rights

The Center for Digital Democracy, represented by Jeffrey Chester, executive director, claims the Obama administration raises money from Google —

Christian Transformation: The Evolution of

In contrast, the exterior was almost undecorated” (25). Another significant church that was built contemporaneously with the Hagia Sophia was

Eyes on the Prize (English

I wonder whether they ever recovered emotionally from the abuses they endured. Do they pretend not to hate white people

Zinn Chapter 17 (English 2nd

Their philosophy was that immoral laws could be changed through the constitutional process and that even non-violent and civil disobedience

English 2nd Lang) I Was

I had no idea that black people were brutally assaulted for just sitting on the wrong bench or that the

Designing, Conceptualizing, and Computing the

We spent a lot of time thinking about the investment into our fixed costs including the welding machine and work

English 2nd Lang) My Reaction

Given the choice between abiding by unjust laws and freedom, any person would have chosen freedom; given the choice between