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Programs like “Fit Check” help employees avoid derailing their long-term career track and professional development by taking positions in organizations with whose values and expectations they are not compatible matches. Those programs are valuable to the organization because they help them reduce wasted resources on recruitment and training costs for employees who are not retained.

What types of problems are typically encountered by the employee and the employer when an employee doesnt fit the organizations culture?

Some of the problems encountered when respective expectations are mismatched include dissatisfied employees, detrimental influence as a specific motivational barrier, and erosion of group cohesion and of desired organizational culture. More complex problems may arise when employees who are professionally productive are poorly matched with organizational values and expectations.

What is the enculturation process in your company?

All phases of employment (i.e. candidate selection, new employee orientation, supervision and review, and career development) have direct ties to organizational values, internal culture, and expectations.

Those concepts are continually reinforced during every phase.

How is HR involved in this process?

Human resources managers are directly involved in employee development. They are involved in many types of analyses and decisions that do not include HR input in many organizations. Employee evaluation and promotion decisions incorporate HR input and review.

If HR has been outsourced, how is the question of culture addressed when the outsourced firm recruits.

Ideally, the organizational values and cultural expectations should be expressed to whatever extent is reasonably possible within foreign cultures. Realistic accommodations must be made but the target should be to do so only to the extent necessary to avoid undermining business objectives for the sake of maintaining unrealistic expectations about cultural compatibility..

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