British Airways and Innovation Modern

They know it is working because over 25,000 customers use the check in feature daily, reducing the time and stress of the airport visit (Story, 2010).

Besides being innovative technologically, British Airways is also being lauded with its push towards face-to-face connections. Innovative contests and interesting businesses adventures were the theme of this promotion — the idea of winning a face-to-face connection anywhere in the world that British Airways services. One analyst noted, “The Company succeeded in making itself top of mind not only for the selected entrepreneurs, but also for those connected and impacted by their stories. The successful program resulted in increased business and a newly established social media business community for” the airline (Daum, 2010).

The organization, however, does not stop with either technological or promotional innovation. BA has a subsidiary, BAAE (British Airways Avionic Engineering). BAAR is involved in one of most competitive fields possible — the aerospace industry, where MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul services) can often make or break the organization. Because of this, MRO activities are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to reduce costs and improve turnaround times.

Leave it to BA, who placed a holistic “lean sigma” philosophy to the operations that, by focusing on a dual paradigm of preventive and self-maintenance, along with empowering its own employees to self-monitor mechanical problems, achieves far greater cost control and operational capabilities that merge with BAs overall strategic vision (Thomas, Byard, and Henry, 2008).


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