Biomedical Innovations

USPTO website and pick a patent related to medical device or drug

Review the patent and write brief summary of the finding

Patent #7,828,438 Method and apparatus for early diagnosis of Alzheimers using non-invasive eye tomography by Terahertz, provides a proposed method of detection and possible diagnosis for early stage Alzheimers Disease (AD) through a noninvasive scan of the eye to compare the amyloidal plaque in the eye to a control. The findings of the patent is that the method may prove a viable method of detecting plaque deposits in eyes which have been shown in other research to simultaneously deposit on the lenses of the eyes as well as the key areas of the brain which are affected by Alzheimers

Review the “claims” and present the details of what the patent claims

The system is novel in that it does not use laser light, but instead claims to use a form of light that is non-damaging and can record layered images of the eye scan and then amalgamate them together to form a complete picture of the plaque deposits in the eyes (terahertz waves). The claims of the patent are that the particular method will provide a three dimensional picture of the lens of the eye, through various terahertz technology scanning recording and refining that will be easily utilized and non-invasive to detect AD in stages early enough to facilitate early stage treatment, the most promising forms of current treatment for the disease. The patent also notes in history that most other forms of detection require surgical intervention and that all other present forms of non-invasive detection only detect late stage abnormalities in the brain.

c. Think of how you would design a similar product without infringing the patent claims

A similar product might be developed that used differing light technologies, i.e. magnetic resonance imaging specific to the fine details of the lenses of the eye. Other forms of light that are recordable might also be tried to develop a similar product with varied claims and similar results.

2. Think of a product / medical device or drug

Drug to treat obesity that interacted with cortisol formation and storage.

a. Outline all the market information you need and how would you go about getting them

Market information needed would include the severity and etiology of obesity as well as the proposed stress/cortisol causality of obesity, and how it creates obesity as a symptom rather than a disease state. Additionally, current drug research would have to be reviewed to determine if this line of reasoning is valid and if there have been any previous cortisol drug or supplement treatments for obesity or links to stress related cortisol formation, usage and storage can be related to the state of obesity. Current patent search for cortisol related drug treatment. Current related research regarding stress/cortisol and obesity via peer reviewed medical journal search and review of articles. Survey obesity research centers for current findings on cortisol/stress related obesity treatments. Review market competitors for all obesity related drug treatments regarding marketing, channels, effectiveness studies and other pertinent information.

b. Create a market survey plan

Market survey plan would include determination of efficacy of cortisol uptake and usage treatment of obesity, if the obesity population would be inclined to seek out this drug and if physicians would be likely to prescribe it to obese patients. Survey if there are other drug treatments with similar modalities.

c. Identify gaps and enlist how your product will fit in your overall market plan

Obesity treatment both medical and non-medical is a multi-billion dollar industry. Any newcomer in the form of a pharmaceutical or otherwise must be outstanding in its proven ability to produce results. Market share will be difficult to.

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