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Discovering the workings of energy markets, transportation linkages, and the politics of those fields draws my attention immediately. President Obama and many other leaders in business and politics have been promoting renewable energy sources for years, but the country has not yet reached the point where we should be vis-a-vis clean energy sources.

I want to be part of the generation that helps rebuild and revitalize America, and that means being part of the generation at the ground floor of the innovations. I want to use my education at Ross School of Business to give me the tools to understand and become part of the processes — linked to pivotal business decisions — that can lead to producing and marketing clean energy, non-polluting automobiles, and policies that help families and schools in communities across the country.

Another course that intrigues me is BE 555, Non-Market Strategy: Shaping the Rules of the Game. The course is “about the rules themselves” — and about how they were created in the first place and how they are enforced.

I am very interested in learning how government policy affects business, and how business as an industry can “change the rules of the game.”

The Competitive Tactics and Policy course, BE 581, is another course that stirs a great deal of interest in me. I have always been curious about the way in which businesses and corporations interact with one another and how competition drives certain policies within specific industries.

The Dean of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Robert J. Dolan, challenges potential business students with the thought that attending Ross is not always “neat or easy.” but, he adds, that if an “action-based” kind of learning appeals to a person, then Ross is the right place to be. I do indeed desire an action-based genre, and again I thank you for your courtesy.

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